Ah, to be a boy's mama.

We're lucky ladies you know.

Little surprises we find in pockets. Those little treasures sometimes make it through a whole wash load. (anyone know how to get cherry chapstick out of cotton dress shirts by the way?)

I've touched briefly on the fact that my son lives with Attention Deficit Disorder. The letters A.D.D. mean nothing. He's a normal 9 (almost 10 he'll remind) year old that just processes things much differently.  We often find ourselves sounding like a stuck record "pick up your socks, pick up your socks, PICK. UP. YOUR. SOCKS!"

For some reason, this year has been particularly challenging to me as a mama.
Granted it's been a rough couple of months since I lost a dear friend and trying to be mama and going through the stages/phases of grief is not an easy thing.

I opted to take on a new book to review at the beginning of September. Thinking it would be a little bit of an escape.

The title really stood out to me because what mama couldn't use a little encouragement in the prayers department?

A Mom's Prayers for Her Son - Praying for Every Part of His Life  by Rob & Joanna Teigen

This is definitely a great companion alongside the Bible.

I really enjoyed this book because outside of reading it front to back, you could search the table of contents and find just what you're looking for.

The stories included from other mom's gave it a good "you're not the only one that's going through this" feel.

I know I'll be face to face (and eye to eye literally) with a teenager in just a few short years and being able to utilize these prayers to stay prayed up will be a great resource for me to build on.

I would recommend this book to boy mama's of any age. It appears to be for preschool and older but, if you're a planner like me and want to get prepared, this book is definitely for you. I think it would make a wonderful "just because" gift as well.

I would like to thank Revell publishers for providing me a copy of this wonderful book to review.

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