I know I've been writing a lot about grief lately and while I've been going through a bit of a funk, and looking at hanging up the blog for a while,  I decided not to. After talking with several very wise people whom I hold in high esteem I realized my passion is writing and writing can help in the healing process.

Today, I felt like I needed to share a funny story. Something to show you all that my sense of humor is still very much alive.  I'm finding that laughter can be very healing.
also, it's OK to laugh even when you're working through grief. If you are, don't feel guilty. Laughter, is a good thing. It makes you feel alive and just for a moment it makes things feel normal again.

So, on to the story!

Growing up, my family would occasionally drive out to a tree farm during the Christmas season to cut down our very own tree for our living room.
There's just something about the smell of a fresh cut pine against the soft warm glow of Christmas lights. I'm closing my eyes right now and can smell it.

My husband and I had been married about nine months and I begged and begged him to go with my parents so that we could carry on my family tradition to cut down our very own tree and  make a memory of our first Christmas.
Oh how I had such jaded ideas as to what the first Christmas should be like. Seriously, there were no mice and birds to help string up the lights and hang the ornaments (I thought I was Cinderella folks!).

The sweetheart that he was  is, we drove out to the tree farm with my family to pick our trees (saws and all).
 I honestly don't remember what the deciding factor was for our tree. I don't recall the heavens opening up, angels singing, and lights shining down on it from above. I just recall a gorgeous, full, lush Douglas Fir. Guys, I can still smell it if I think hard enough! (smile)
We (meaning my hubs) sawed it down and carried it up to the shack where it was run through a conveyor, shaken beyond an inch of it's life, and wrapped tightly with twine for a somewhat easy trek home.

We went to Target prior to, and bought the special tree stand along with ornaments and ribbon to trim our first Christmas tree. Once we got it home, we remembered that it had to set overnight before we could decorate. It didn't matter. I was still so overjoyed at our beautiful tree. Our first Christmas memory as husband and wife.

And so, we decorated our sweet, full, fir smelling wonderfully of pine. I was SO proud of our tree. I couldn't wait to fill the skirt with gifts and sit quietly in the glow of the lights sipping cocoa with my new hubby.

Doe eyed Cinderella and her Prince Charming... (wink)

One night after dinner, I sat on the couch admiring our lovely tree. However, something seemed odd. I leaned forward, squinting my eyes. The angel! I don't remember her halo having little black dots on it!
I stood up (still squinting) and walked slowly over to the tree. The little black dots, WERE MOVING!!!!
If the angel's halo was a race track, these little black dots had made it their Indianapolis 500!  I called out to my hubs and he came to take a look.

"WHOA! Babe, those are baby spiders!!! We've got a nest of spiders! In. Our. TREE!"

He immediately flung open our patio door (thank God we had a ground level apartment) and ran with the tree out into the front lawn. He began to violently shake the tree, as the ornaments we lovingly picked out went this way and that.
He came back inside and grabbed a can of Raid and went back out to finish the spiders off.

Needless to say, the tree sat outside for a day or two. When it came back in, let's just say the pine scent was competing with the beautiful aroma of Raid but, there were no more spiders!

          Our lovely, first Christmas tree. I think this was taken before we discovered the spiders.

We were told It had been a mild few weeks leading up to December and evidently we didn't get a hard enough freeze to get rid of our little spider friends. Good to know for future reference eh?

Back then, I was devastated. I thought our Christmas was ruined. I thought we'd just spent a good chunk of our hard earned money on a tree we'd most certainly have to throw out.

These days, when I look back, I can have a good hearty laugh. Especially, when I unpack the same angel we've had for 16 Christmases now.

Although, the hubs has refused a real tree ever since. It's really not about the tree and the decorations. The perfect home with the perfect lights and decorations.
Sure, it's fun to draw on our inner Martha Stewart and make crafts and cookies and string popcorn and cranberry garlands but, the truth is, Even without all of these things, it's still celebrating Jesus and how He came to give us a hope and a reason to be joyful this season.

13Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,
14“Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”
Luke 2: 13-14 NIV

Christmas Blessings to you,

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  1. As I read this my eyes must have been round O's when I read of the "black dots." Then I went to smiles as you described the pine smell mixing with the Raid, etc. And finally, my head nodded "Amen!" as you wrote the truth is - "Even without all of these things, it's still celebrating Jesus and how He came to give us a hope and a reason to be joyful this season."

    I'm glad you didn't give up on writing, Krista. I enjoy reading all your posts, whether they're sad and vulnerable or happy and humorous. Wishing you a soul refreshing Advent!

    1. Ah Trudy, you are beyond sweet!
      Thanks for the kind words and I hope you have a wonderful advent too!

  2. I so enjoyed your words today and yes, don't give up writing! I can think of so many of those expectations that are shattered under the weight of reality - that actually turns out better than what we originally imagined (though sometimes only in hindsight). :) We find out what really matters and can look back and laugh at what didn't. Happy to have found you at Holley's today. Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you Tiffany for the encouraging words.
      It's a pleasure to meet you here! :)


  3. Oh, I love your story! Ok, the spiders made my skin prickly, but still, what a great story! Keep writing, Krista.....our son died 10 years ago today at age 25. At times we still grieve, but we also know where he is and that we will see him again. Hugs to you this season of Advent.

    1. Thank you Renee!
      I'm so sorry to hear about your son. It's comforting to know that we'll all be rejoicing together in heaven with our loved ones that have gone before us! :)
      Extra (((HUGS)))) to you...I've missed you! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Natalie, I got the biggest blessing out of this. I read your comment and then looked at your little picture. It fits your comment perfectly! LOL 😂
      thanks for stopping by and since I'm passing thrm out...
      ((((HUGS))) to you too my friend! 💜