So here I sit. Local coffee shop. My favorite frozen mocha with a scone. The comforting sounds and smells of coffee being brewed and milk being frothed for lattes.

Listening to the man across the room devour a burrito while he works on his laptop.

This is MY little dream.

And it might seem mundane and silly to you but that's ok.

Pardon my crooked smile, the effects of anesthetic hadn't worn off. 

I read about you guys. How you plop down in a coffee shop with your choice beverage and treat. And you write.

I have SO longed to be part of your tribe (and still do)!

So, when I got a call from my dentist telling me I needed a crown and could I come Wednesday morning, fate happened to call too! My son would be at school, the hubs would be at work (cheering me on of course) and my boss understands a middle of the week, day of vacation.

My lower lip is tingling as is part of my cheek and jaw. Almost like when your foot falls asleep but I.don'

I have found WHITESPACE!!!!

I'm sitting here occasionally looking around and I really want to pinch myself. Have I gushed enough?

This is my dream. I want away from the 9-5 and to move to writers hours (whatever those are!).

In my heart of hearts this is my passion and my calling.

So, today as I sit here with my frozen 1950's mocha and my blueberry scone living out my lil' dream I want to know what is your lil' dream?

I'm making a list.

We all have those big dreams, travel the world, retire young, start our own business, you fill in the blank.

But what about your little dreams?

Those little things you could make happen but you just don't make the time for.

I know it's not easy for us moms and even for men/women in general. Our lives have become so busy haven't they?

What little things have you wanted to do that you keep pushing to the back burner?

I'll admit I started to get nervous and a bit panicky as I pulled into the parking lot here (and I come here all the time! They know us here). I scanned the parking lot to see if the dining area was full. Honestly, had I seen too many cars, I may have chickened out (bokka bokka). Now that I'm sitting here (totally loving this by the way, did I mention that?) soaking in the element, I just realized that nobody in this place knows I've never done this before.

God wants to see you achieve your dreams, no matter how big or small. I feel like he's smiling over me right now.

I love Proverbs. In chapter 16 verse 3 it says "Ask the Lord to bless your plans, and you will be successful in carrying them out."

Why not, make your list of lil' dreams, ask God to bless your plans and to make a way for you to carry them out.
Find someone to take your kids for an hour so you can take a music lesson. Pack a picnic lunch for just you and eat it in the park while you read a book ( a real deal paper book, not an E - reader). Take a short drive to a nearby nature center and go for a walk in the cool shade of the trees. I'm sure you all have other spectacular ideas too.

 I never really put too much thought into what I'm doing today. It's just always been something I've dreamed of doing. "Someday, I'd really like to plop down in a coffee house with my tablet and keyboard. I'll eat a scone and have a coffee. I'll feel like the writer I want to be." Truth is, this doesn't make me any more of a writer than I already am. Reading about other people that get to do this for a living or, maybe it's just a hobby that's turned into something of a greater opportunity, made me want to experience this for at least a day. To say, "I did this!" I can check this off my list but, don't think I won't be back (wink). This, is just heaven.

Speaking of Heaven, do you suppose we'll be writing in heaven. Because, I can't wait to write about all of the amazing things he has waiting for us there. My son keeps telling me that when we get to Heaven, we will see colors that we've NEVER (his emphasis) seen before!

Sisters, I am a color girl! (funny that I'm drawn to wearing mostly neutrals) I used to have my mom read to me from the Avon catalogue when I was a girl. She would read all of the different colors of eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks, nail polishes and I loved every single minute of it!

At any rate, I just wanted to share this very special lil' dream of mine with you. How today, I stepped out of my comfort zone and lived it out.

Leaving you with this gem:

God has made us what we are, and in our union with Christ Jesus he has created us for a life of good deeds, which he has already prepared for us to do. Ephesians 2:10 GNB

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  1. A beautiful dream for you Krista! I enjoyed reading your words today as I linked right behind you on Bonnie's blog. I hope your tooth heals quickly and that you get to continue sharing your writings with us.

    Blessings and love,