So, I've been sort of having my own little pity party lately. I've been trying to stay strong in the middle of all that's swirling about me personally and professionally but, today, it came to a head. I sat in my cubicle and cried.

Looking up at a team picture from 2010 with my beautiful friend smiling back at me from the park bench we shared (the rest of our team smiling down from behind us). I wished so much that she was still here.

 Lately, I've been thinking that I get it (ever so slightly) how overwhelmed she must have been feeling.  I know I don't have to carry all this weight but sometimes it's hard to drop it, leave it, and let it go.  When too many things get piled on your shoulders and depression settles in, it's hard to even lift your head to pray.

So, I've resorted to popping in an earbud and listening to  my Bethel station on my internet radio (boy, do they know how to get their Jesus on!). I listened to songs of hope and trust. All the while, feeling like I wasn't quite letting it all go to embrace the hope that anchors me.

Static Cling.

Ever have a burden (or two, or three, more?) that you beg God to rid you of?
You get down to the nitty gritty with Him and tell Him "I don't want to carry this anymore! I'm leaving this with you! This heavy burden, Lord, it's yours. You deal with it!"

The weight lifts, you get a peace on you and it feels SO GOOD! Then, when you get up to leave, you get so used to carrying that burden around, you allow it to magically "FOOP" attach itsself right back to you.

You know, those moments. You're walking in public and you feel like something is stuck to your back? That red sock you've been looking for? Static clinging right to the back of your blouse!

Just like a burden that we can't let go of. We say we're letting it go. We leave it, drop it, and let it go. But, the spiritual static of the enemy acts as a magnet, sticking it right back upon our shoulders to carry around all over again.

Sometimes we become so used to the burden, we feel a bit lost without having it (if that makes sense?).

I liken this to a story my mama told me. A family member lost a pet parakeet when they were a child. This parakeet was a special pet. It found it's perch on top of her sweet little head quite often. So much so, that when the parakeet died, she felt lost without it. One day, shortly after the birds passing, she walked to the refridgerator and placed a hot dog on top of her head. I'm not quite sure how long this went on but, finally the question was asked. "what ever are you doing with a hotdog on your head?" (I'm pretty sure those weren't the exact words but, close enough). She explained, she missed having her pet parakeet so much and having it perch on her head, the weight of a hotdog felt a bit like her little bird.

I'm not saying that the parakeet was a burden but, if something perches on our shoulders long enough, sometimes we tend to miss that feeling. As crazy as it may sound, I'm speaking from experience.

So when those burdens we thought we've dropped have made their way back to our shoulders like static cling, this is when we need a good anti-static spray (do they still make Static guard?) for the spirit.

This is where good old fashioned scripture comes in. If you memorize it, you can use it like static guard to keep that burden from sticking right back onto your shoulders.

Whatever the burden, there's a scripture to do combat with. I used to be a worrier and sometimes I admit, worry sneaks in and clings to me like nobody's business. I've learned over the years, several scriptures that I can turn to and rest in knowing that whatever I'm concerning myself with, I can cast my cares on him because He cares for me. I also know that worrying about tomorrow will do nothing for me because tomorrow has enough trouble of it's own.

See 1 Peter 5:7 and Matthew 6:34 and my alltime favorite to read when I feel a bit shaken is Psalm 91.

I'm sure If you have visited before, you know that I've been walking through a Season of grieving. Grief can be such a heavy and intense emotional burden. From what I've gathered, there's really no time table to tell you how long it will last. Everyone is different. Some will always carry a sense of grief with them. It might not be as heavy as it was at first but, there's possibly always a veil of it. We can still ask Jesus to lighten our burden and give us peace. Lord bless me, and keep me, cause your face to shine down on me and give me peace.

*see Numbers 6:24

There are so many people in this world carrying burdens that they don't have to bear the weight of. We were made in Christ's image and the bible tells us that in this world you will have trouble. Its not going to always be dark chocolate and roses but, take heart because He can take those terrible burdens we carry, those ashes of hurts from our past, and he can turn them into something beautiful!

Everybody do something for me right now. It's just you and your computer, phone, tablet and so what if you're sitting in a busy coffee shop, riding the metro to work, sitting on the throne trying to have a moments peace to yourself before the kiddos find you. I want you to close your eyes and take a deep breath. Picture those burdens you're carrying, picture yourself laying those burdens at the foot of the cross right at Jesus feet.

Breathe out.

"Jesus, I give you this/these burdens I carry. The one(s) that I can't seem to shake. Your word says to cast our cares on you because you love us. So, right now, I declare that they are yours to carry. I am healed, whole, and I walk in your perfect peace. In Jesus name, Amen.

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  1. Static Cling, yes! What a perfect name to that all-too-familiar phenomenon! Thanks, neighbor. Abundant blessings to you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Mari-Anna! :)
      Blessings to you too!

  2. I am so familiar with those static cling burdens, Krista. Sometimes I can say I release those burdens to Jesus, but it feels like my heart still holds back. Thank you for making me feel less alone and for offering hope in Jesus. I'm so sorry the loss of your friend can still seem so fresh yet. Praying God will strengthen you and give you peace.

    1. Oh Trudy, me too! It's not hard to allow those burdens find their way back to your shoulders. You surely aren't alone my friend! :)
      I feel like I've come a long way the past few months but I still have a rough day here and there. Someone that's left a huge impression on your life is hard to forget! :)
      (((HUGS))) to you!

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