Make healthy choices in front of your children now so they'll stick with them later.

I have to admit when our son was little we made not so great choices when it came to food. It's not that we didn't like eating healthy, it's the fact we didn't think we could eat healthy on a budget plus, it seemed so time consuming! We ate lots of pop tarts and sugar laden cereals for breakfast. Coffee with lots of flavored creamers.

Lunches consisted of frozen meals (whichever were on sale at the grocery that week). Dinners were Padgett with french buttered bread, frozen pizza was always a standby, we hit the drive through a lot on the weekends.

My son became a very picky eater because of this I believe.

Things are changing now. We are showing him that fresh fruits are healthy snacks and desserts. We're trying to introduce him to salad and veggies. It seems the things he used to love as a little tot, he's not so fond of now.

We want to show him that making your own dinner using good, healthy, clean food and protein will help you grow big and strong. We're teaching him that dessert doesn't have to be cookies or cake or ice cream and you don't have to have dessert every night!

I'm packing his lunch before bedtime and I'm choosing healthier things than I used to. He's getting yogurt and cheese, I'm making him turkey sandwiches. We're sending pretzels and grapes. Sometimes yogurt raisins.

We're showing him that a healthy snack before basketball conditioning will help give him the energy he needs to keep going.

I pray that he notices that changes we are making and he sees the difference it's making in us and how its affecting him. I pray that he begins to understand why we're making this change and he picks up the good habits we are starting to form.

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