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I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” Luke 1:38
I have to admit being visited by an angel would've been a bit overwhelming to me had I been Mary.
Can you even fathom? You're a virgin AND you're pregnant?! 
First, I think I would be concerned with the reactions from friends and family (let alone perfect strangers). Surely eyebrows were raised and tongues clucked in disapproval.  But Mary knew. She knew she was carrying precious cargo. Carrying the very one that would be born to die for all of our sins.
I think of how She must've felt when Joseph found out that she was with child and it wasn't even his.
I think of that growing bump under her frock. Swelling to the point of discomfort as she neared the end of her pregnancy.
I'm guessing the trip to the Inn wasn't the most comfortable ride. Riding on the back of a donkey AND having contractions?  Can you imagine the moment that you were turned away because "I'm sorry, we have no room"? Wondering where you can go to have this child. This very special child...
By the time Joseph finds the stable, baby Jesus is beginning to crown. 
It's so raw.  But God knew. He planned this party. He knew his only Son would come into this world via a filthy stable. He also knew that Jesus would die for us. Messy, bruised, hair matted, caked with dirt. Crying out "Forgive them!"
Mary was there.
I ache for her as I think how she must've felt.  I wonder if she thought back to when he was born. I wonder if she recalled the pure Joy that night in the less than favorable stable.  Yet, I can only imagine the grief she felt as she watched  her beloved son tortured and hung. 
God sowed a seed.  Jesus.  He IS the reason for the season.
Merry Christmas love from Forever 31 mama!


  1. That has always amazed me...how Mary could watch her son be crucified. I watched the Passion of Christ once through the perspective of Mary. It really truly broke my heart. She certainly was a woman of sacrifice like no other. Thank you for sharing! Linking with you at Faith Barista Merry Christmas, Love Rachael @ Inking the Heart

  2. "God sowed a seed. Jesus."
    That really resonates with me. It's the same seed we can sow now in people's lives. Good post!