After the tree has been dismantled, the ornaments, garland, and every last snowman has found it's place of slumber until next year; the corner by the fireplace looks extremely lonely as I began to reflect on the coming year. 2013 flew by in a blink of an eye. My son even notices that time seems to be passing very quickly.

This year after tucking him into bed on his birthday, he became very sad and started to cry. "I just want to be eight again Mom." he said through his tears. "When I was five, I wanted to be six so bad! And time went by so slowly. Then, ever since I turned six, time has gone by so fast!"
I felt the lump in my throat so large that it was hard to swallow. We sat together in his room (still baby blue from when it was the nursery) and cried together. I laughed a little through my tears and said "honey, you have so much to look forward to. You are young and have your whole life ahead of you!" he nodded and wiped his tears. I talked to him some more and tried to impress it upon his little heart to stay a kid and enjoy it as long as he could because time really does go by fast.

I've been praying and seeking my word for the coming year 2014 and this one word keeps rolling around in my heart. I feel like it's everywhere I look. To be honest, I've been a little unsure of the word. Is this really MY word for 2014? Should I pray harder, seek longer, or get quieter? But, I believe my word for 2014 is: Light

You see, I blogged a few weeks ago about being in a place where I felt like I was a pinhole speck of light  trying to burst through the ominous black clouds. What I came to find out though, is that it doesn't matter that I am but one candle. My light (the small speck of light that I thought it was) can shine so brightly! The light of Christ shining from one single person shatters the darkest of nights and can be seen around the entire world.


About a month ago I found an awesome recipe on Pinterest (truly a guilty pleasure) for black bean soup. It was healthy, super easy to make, and perfect for a busy working mama. After it had simmered down to the perfect consistency, my husband and I tasted it. It needed something. It wasn't lacking in garlic or spice... It needed salt!

"You are like salt for the whole human race. But if salt loses its saltiness, there is no way to make it salty again. It has become worthless, so it is thrown out and people trample on it. "you are like light for the whole world. A city built on a hill cannot be hidden. No one lights a lamp and puts it under a bowl; instead he puts it on the lamp stand, where it gives light for everyone in the house. In the same way your light must shine before people so that they will see the good things you do and praise your Father in Heaven. Matthew 5:13-16 GNB

I have decided that this year I will not be low sodium. Just like the song This Little Light Of Mine, I will not allow my light to become dimmed by hiding it under a bushel and I certainly won't let Satan POOF it, out I'm gonna let it shine! Let it shine, shine, shine, let it shine!!

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up with Coffee for Your Heart, friend! XOXO

  2. Love your word for the year...and just a side tid bit...when I had reached a really tough spot during my cancer treatment, and seriously wondered if I was going to make it--I told my family that I wanted them to remember me by the song "This Little of Mine." Hope you have a beautiful 2014!

  3. What a special song to be remembered by. I got cold chills! :)
    I'm SO glad you made it through!
    Thanks for shaing! <3