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Anyone else think that the term 'polar vortex' sounds like the name of a rollercoaster?
The polar vortex couldn't keep us down. We traveled through some pretty nasty weather to be with our family and lay my husband's aunt to rest.

I apologize for the graininess. I haven't mastered taking pics from a moving vehicle yet. 
I've become obsessed with the sunrises and sunsets lately. The colors have been absolutely amazing! Maybe it's the contrast between the blanket of white on the ground? Whatever it is, its magnificent!

This face makes my heart sing! :)

 I cherish these days. The lazy weekend mornings where we stay in our jammies and giggle and tell jokes. Where my hubby makes pancakes and bacon and we don't have anywhere to be but with each other. Bliss.            

"Here fishy fishy!"

                      It cold enough for some ice fishing on the lake this week. It always                                   amazes me how they drag all of their supplies out to the middle of                                     the lake and trust that the ice is thick enough to hold them.
                       What's more, there have been days when the ice is starting to melt when                         you see the "brave ones" out there with their shanties trying to                                            catch fish.

My favorite thing to slip on after a long day at the office ;)
                In order to survive a polar vortex weather event you must have a fashionable pair of fuzzy slippers! 


  1. We have seen a bit too much of the polar cold business too! I am ready for spring....delightful pics your warm slippers. I have wool ones that I keep on, sometimes adding wool socks too!

  2. Me too Renee! Bring on Spring! :)
    Sounds like we'll be wearing our woolies a bit longer though. We're bracing for another possible snow storm tomorrow night.

    Thanks for stopping by and stay warm ;)