Friendship. If you're like me you have at least one that's stood the test of time. Someone you've known since you were a kid. Someone who's held your hand and skipped with you to the swings on the playground. 
It flourished as she sat with you and hugged you tight when your heart was broken by the boy that's name was scribbled in big puffy letters all over your notebook. 
She walked down the aisle at your wedding and stood by your side when you took his name. She was there to see your baby shortly after he/she was born. In turn, you've done the same for her.

What's amazing to me are those friendships that even though your lives may be going in different directions at the moment, you can always pick up where you left off.

I met my best friend 33 years ago when we were signing up for brownie scouts. Our mama's took us shopping for those adorably atrocious uniforms (remember the brown jumpers with the knee socks that had those "fabulous" orange tassels?).  We were both kind of shy but by the end of our trip to the mall we were fast friends.

Through the years, we've shared each others burdens and dreams. We've had each others backs. We've laughed until we cried.  We rented horrible B rated horror movies just so we could laugh at how corny they were. We wore out the track on her cassette tape  "She drives me crazy" by the Fine Young Cannibals (yes, I'm dating myself... sigh...).  We took road trips to visit my aunt in norther Ohio and would spend hours rowing around in a canoe on the pond. 

She moved to another school district nearby when we were in our Sophomore/Junior year in high school. We lost touch for a few years. It's funny though, out of the blue one of us would call the other and it's like we didn't miss a beat.

Fast forward to the present. We live about four states away from each other. We always say that we wish we could meet up for coffee and catch up like we used to. We both are working mama's of onlies. We try to catch up via email and the phone when we can. 
Right now she is going back to school to finish her degree in ministry and I am so proud of her!  

We've held each other up and stood in the gap for each other so many times the past few years. I'm so blessed to call her my bestie.

 Proverbs 27:17 As Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

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