At first glance, Finding Spiritual Whitespace looks as if it's a beautiful book of soliloquys to calm your soul and induce a peaceful state.

However, behind the beautiful cover we meet Bonnie as a little girl. A little girl whose childhood was full of turbulence  and turmoil.
As she share these stories from her childhood, I couldn't help but feel present in that moment in time with her. It felt as if I were there watching it all take place.

This little girl grew into a beautiful, successful wife and mother. Until one day, she begins to write a story. This story triggers  painful memories of her past . As a result,  anxiety, insomnia, and a diagnosis of PTSD seem to be her fate. But God.
He shows up in an amazing way and helps her walk through these sometimes debilitating moments of anxiety. With the help of her therapist, Dr. P and the unconditional love of an understanding husband, she fights on and  uncovers memories from her childhood  that are necessary to work through  in order to heal.
As I read I felt a bond with her. Almost as if we were old friends sharing our stories in the corner booth of a coffee shop.
I absolutely love her transparent vulnerability. She sugar coats nothing as it's all raw emotion. I felt like she was sharing things that I've wanted to share but am too afraid to let anyone see that side of me.

I truly enjoyed the thoughts to ponder and journaling prompts at the end of each chapter. They really show you how to a achieve your own personal whitespace..I honestly had never really pondered whitespace up until now. There are so many ways to create your own, and the best part is, you  don't always have to block out hours of time to do it (unless you can and you want to).

 I highly recommend this book to anyone that  feels like they are  burning the candle at both ends and not allowing time to decompress. Also, anyone that's gone through any kind of traumatic experiences whether as a child or adult.
This book will  not solve all of your problems but it will surely help you find your peace in your storm.

A special thank you to Revell publishing  for providing me a free copy of this amazing book to review.

Another special thank you to Bonnie Gray and my new found friends on the whitespace launch team. You all are amazing! Thank you for sharing your hearts and encouragement with me. I feel like I am apart of a special community of sisters, joined together by a faith led woman, holding hands virtually with you all. (((HUGS)))

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