We wake early. The sky still dark and speckled with stars. The air is thick with humidity yet there's a clammy coolness. We all jump into the car and make the silent drive.

There's this great donut shop just a few miles up the road. We stop and buy a dozen assorted. Coffee for the grown ups and a chocolate milk for me.

A nervous excitement builds in my tummy as we drive out further. Over the bridge and around the corner.

The pines thick with fragrance line the street. Finally, the scent of salt air hits my nostrils. I close my eyes and breathe deep. It's still a bit dark as we pull in to park.

We unload our chairs and towels and walk to snag our spot. The tide is low but the water rushes up to kiss the shore. We're the only ones there sitting in our chairs with our donuts and drinks. It looks as if we are waiting for the show on the big screen as we sit there with our snacks. Waiting.

This has always been mom's favorite thing to do. I admit I absolutely hated getting up this early. Especially being on vacation! But, there's something completely magical about our early morning trek.

Sometimes, Grandma would come along. It was a special moment for just us four.

I'll admit I didn't pay very close attention in the first few years. I was more concerned about whether or not I got the maple filled Bismark than watching the sunrise...

Now that I"m older and maybe a bit wiser, I want to share this moment with my little family. My son will probably not see the beauty and wonder of a sunrise at the beach just as I didn't when I was young.

But, I have such fond memories. The years that I didn't think I cared. I really did.

Now that I'm grown and I see how truly precious life and family are, I relish these memories.

How we all grew silent and watched the sky go from midnight to a pale purple and slowly the pinks and oranges and blues swirled together in an amazing artistic manner. God with his favorite paintbrush.

Just for us. The tip of the fiery orange ball peeks up behind the ocean and It looks as if it stretches on forever. It's reflection glistening in the water.

As the sun rises quickly up into the sky above the ocean. More people would begin to show up. Dog walkers, runners, sunbathers, families on vacation. We smile as if we have a secret they know nothing about.

I spend a couple hours more sitting in the sand, walking along the shoreline, looking for the perfect shell.

Dad always took a dip and floated way out until you could only see the top of his head.

Mom and I continued to scan for shells with Grandma. We'd mostly walk in silence just enjoying walking together.

We'll be on vacation next week and I want to share sunrise at the beach with my boys.

I'm moving forward now after finishing Bonnie's book Finding Spiritual Whitespace.I plan on seeking out some whitespace with Jesus. As is.

There's a really great quote from the book that left me in deep thought for days.

"His wounds didn't disappear with his resurrected body. Jesus chose to walk out into the world with his scars from the past ~ visible."

Could we step out like Jesus? Could WE choose to walk out into the world with our scars from the past ~ visible? How would we be perceived? Would we be welcomed or would we be turned away or ignored?

Leaving you with this:

Then my favour will shine on you like the morning sun, and your wounds will be quickly healed. I will always be with you to save you; my presence will protect you on every side.

Isaiah 58:8 GNB

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  1. I have never seen an ocean sunrise, but I sure would love to. It sounds so beautiful and peaceful. Our children are adults now and it's interesting to hear them get animated about some vacations we had. :) I just have to smile as we remember how they sometimes grumbled and complained about how boring it was, especially when they were teens.

    I really love Bonnie's quote you pointed out, too. It really struck me that He did walk out with His scars visible, so why should I try to hide mine? Love that Isaiah verse, too. God bless you, Krista, as you move forward!

  2. Sweet memories! Wishing you blessing next week as you make new memories with your boys! Funny how we have to drag our children to the place where sweet memories are made!