So far we've hung in there the hubs and I. We've been tempted with plenty of treats and eats that just aren't on "the plan". We held it together and didn't give in, helping each other when necessary. "Did you drink enough water? Maybe you're just thirsty. Oh, you don't need that cookie, you can push past it. We drove into town one night on a mission for ice cream and do you know what? Once we came within a mile, the hubs looked at me and said "do you really want to do this? I mean, we've come this far... We can't sabotage this healthy eating with ice cream." So, we went to target instead and avoided any isle that had to do with food.

Ah but then came the birthdays and the family reunion. (Que the suspense music).

The hubs and I have our birthdays four days apart (he's a year older). So, we each have our own celebration with dinner out, special dessert, and a gift that might include M&M's. We went out for Dinner for his birthday and I decided I would try to stick to the plan up until cake time. It worked. I did well, I enjoyed a piece of ice cream cake. The following week, I hit my big 4-0. I thought to myself, this day only comes around once in a lifetime so, I'm not going to fight it. I indulged. Cupcakes at work (worth every bite) a nice salad from Chipolte for lunch (no dressing, no beans and no rice). Then came dinner. We did dinner and my son HAD to bake me a cake all by himself. So, of course I had to have some cake. Then, the hubs and I experienced some gourmet popcorn on vacation and he saw to it that I got a huge tin of it. So, between the nibbling on popcorn (drizzled in caramel and chocolate mixed with nuts), the authentic Mexican restaurant chips and all, and the family reunion with, well, all of the family favorites (read "we are family we don't spare calories, we share calories!"). Yep. I indulged and maybe a little over what I should have. Can I tell you, my body was not having it! After going a month and a half shunning sugar and cutting carbs, my body was like "what IS this?!" and while my taste buds welcomed the flavors, textures, and sweet, my stomach was angry!

I will say, we both felt that we didn't eat as much. We seemed to feel fuller faster. The reunion, I only took a dab of the foods I really wanted and even decided that the brownies with the peanut butter center, just didn't seem worth it. I continued to drink water and tried to drink plenty to avoid the soda sitting on ice in a cooler.

Which leaves me in a place feeling not so confident about setting foot on a scale. Ugh.

I've got to get myself back in check. So, tomorrow morning, I'm back on schedule. No sugar, minimal carbs, lots of veggies and protein. Hopefully, come Trick or Treat, I'll be less likely to raid the plastic pumpkin.

I realize birthdays, holidays, and special occasions will happen. I also realize at some point I will make peace with enjoying a decadent dessert without feeling like I have to enjoy more than one serving.

I also know there are plenty of ways to make holiday dishes lightened up and lots of alternatives to the heavy, fat laden, holiday treats.

How do you all deal with special occasions? Do you allow yourself a little indulgence?

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  1. It's nice you and your hubby are in this together, Krista. It's cool the way you encourage one another to eat healthier. I think it's especially hard on special occasions. And I think a person can indulge once in a while as long as it's in moderation. :) That was so sweet of your son to bake you a cake. Now that's something you can't resist. :) I notice my body just feels better when I eat healthy. When I eat junk food, I feel so bloated, and I ask myself, "Now why did I eat that?!"