Previously, when I've been trying to eat healthier and had a slip up, I would typically call it a day. My thinking was, if I messed up and ate something I shouldn't have, the day was wasted and I may as well start over the next day. That would typically give me the green light to just continue slipping up. This time, I'm really changing my thought process. Take for instance the morning we woke up and had utilized most all of our food for the week and didn't really have much to choose from for breakfast. We had eggs and we had cheese. We would've stayed home and made cheese omelets and had an apple with them but, we talked ourselves out of making eggs and decided to go into uncharted territory. Fast food! (cue the dramatic violins!) Yes, we thought we might find something to eat that wouldn't derail us too much. So, we ended up at a favorite of ours, Panera. We both agreed it wouldn't hurt to have a breakfast sandwich and a coffee. I felt a little guilty. I mean, we'd been 13 days straight with absolutely NO bread and for him NO coffee OR bread! I told the hubs that this wasn't going to derail our day. We would move forward and eat clean meaning, lots of veggies and water and would just keep moving forward and not look back. Ironically, the Panera we try to steer clear of forgot to put the cheese and meat on my sandwich (who does that?!) so, I guess I had egg on toast and coffee.

Phase one has been unlimited veggies (preferably fresh or frozen), and protein i.e. Chicken, Turkey, eggs, fish. Fruit is also allowed but limited to berries, grapes, apples, pears, no starchy fruits like bananas. Green tea is to be enjoyed unsweetened (Stevia is allowed though) with each meal and you must push the water 64 oz a day is the goal.

We are getting close to the end of our first phase and our eagerly looking forward to phase two. Phase 2 slowly adds a few starches and a bigger variety of protein sources into the plan. Oatmeal, oh how I've missed my morning oatmeal!

I have to ask, how do you deal with a slip up or setback? Do you toss in the towel and allow yourself to indulge the rest of the day, or do you brush it off and keep moving forward eating the healthier choices and making sure to get your water in?

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