Tonight, I want to take this moment to encourage you.  Wherever you are on your journey.  Fitness, weight loss, a change to better your overall health. Wherever you are, know that you are moving in the right direction. No matter how slowly the weight is coming off, the scale is moving, the muscles forming under your skin.  You are doing far better than you were yesterday and the day before that!

Make fitness a game. Involve your kiddos! Grab your bikes and hit the road. Get really brave and slip on some roller skates. Just. Move.
The more you move, the better you'll feel. Add making better choices when it comes to eating and you're halfway there!  One quote that really sticks out to me (and it's one that I have a love hate relationship with) is, "Don't expect to change overnight." We all would love to have that instant gratification. Take a pill, drink a shake, wrap your body... but, what it really boils down to is, feeding your body good, lean protein and vegetables, fruits, and moving your body daily. Make the determination that if you want it bad enough, you're going to have to make some major changes.  It's not going to be fun or easy at first. In fact, you may want to give up! But, if you can just hang in there and try to give it your all for 6 weeks. Because, 6 weeks of making healthier choices will give you the boost you need to keep going!

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