You've gotta start somewhere...

I became accustomed to living a healthy lifestyle out of fear that one day I might end up in the same boat as my family.  At the age of 30 I was adjusting to the first year of motherhood, didn't really pay attention to what I was putting into my body, and being a busy little mama, let myself believe I didn't have time for taking care of me.
Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure not long after I turned 30 and prematurely put on prescription medication.
I guess that's where it slowly started. I started becoming extremely conscious of my sodium intake and tried to start working out again.

About 4 years later, I began experiencing panic attacks and severe anxiety. I became obsessed with horrible thoughts that I was going to die young. Every twinge I felt I was constantly stewing over what it could be.  This became so intense that I just stopped eating like I should. I cut way back and when my anxiety was flaring (which was almost all the time) I didn't want to eat anyway. I would sip water and try to nibble on toast or something small.  I started excersizing because I read that the endorphins are really good for stress and anxiety.
I still had some weight to lose from having my son 4 years earlier that I just didn't worry too much about.  The extra 25 pounds came off and I was slender.
I thought it would make me feel better. It did feel better to fit back into my pre-preggo clothes but inside I was still an absolute wreck.

Fast forward to now.

My panic/anxiety is practically gone but after a year of completely quitting my early morning fitness regime, I had put it back on and then some.

I decided the first of the year (like most that make resolutions) that I would start eating healthier and begin waking before the rooster to get the blood pumping.

So far, the first week I had followed a pretty strict diet and excersize plan and lost 5 pounds. I consistently got up each morning at 5 to get some excersize in. Some mornings I think I'm doing this in my sleep!

There are always going to be set backs.

I love sweets. There, I said it! Did somebody say chocolate? I'm there!
It's hard for me to say no to them but I'm working on that.
There will be days that I just can't get a workout in. Holidays, birthdays, vacations...but i'm not going to let that stop me from reaching my goal.

The hubs and I found The 17 day diet book and thought it was something we could do together.  We're almost a week in and for two people who love carbs and treats (oh, and coffeeeee), I'm not going to tell you it's a piece of cake! Our bodies have been detoxing and we've not been feeling perky and fun. Lack of carbs can make me a real cranky mama. Eventually, the fog will be gone and the crankiness will too. I guess if you really want to make changes you have to sacrifice right?

I'm going to share our journey here. So, if you have done the 17 day diet, low carb, paleo, any kind of healthy eating lifestyle change, come hang out with me here. Share your stories and successes, and tell me what didn't work.  Let's encourage each other here on our health and fitness journey!
(If you're low carbing like me, honey's off the table but at least we can let our words be sweet as honey as we cheer each other on right?)

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