So, we made it through the first week. The hubs took the medal of honor by NOT succumbing to coffee (ha)! I on the other hand, made it 2 days and decided the headaches just weren't worth it!

We both weighed in and both lost a total of 5 lbs. each! If that doesn't give you incentive to keep going, I don't know what will?!
 Usually, we might celebrate with a cup of frozen custard. I know, totally counter productive right? I've come to realize, we've used food as a rewards system ever since I can remember.

If there was ever a reason to celebrate, there would be food. The hubs makes a killer chocolate chip cookie. I'm not going to lie when I say, it's not hard to polish off a half dozen in one sitting (how embarrassing!). Whenever our son gets kudos at school, passes a test that he was struggling with the subject matter, we take him for ice cream. Or, we use those treats as band aids for bad days. That is SO not a good idea!

We are breaking that cycle right now!

Before we started this program, we sat him down and explained how important it is to take care of our bodies. To put the proper fuel in so it functions at top capacity! Sure, there is definitely room for sweets. However, there will not be dessert every night and after school snacks will not consist of sugary treats any longer. We feel that the sugary snacks and treats are now only going for special occasions and a once in a while treat. He seemed pretty on board. We thought for sure he would give us push back but, I think he truly knew we were serious about changing our eating habits and he was just going to have to comply.

A week after the new school year started, he asked when could he have dessert in his lunch? I named off all of the good for you foods I packed in his lunch and said, "I'm so proud of you for eating all of those healthy foods I sent for your lunch!" He started to tear up. "All of my friends are having desserts with their lunches! Cookies, and brownies and fruit snacks!" he sniffed. So, we agreed a cookie a day in his lunch would be OK but, he needed to eat his lunch first before cookie. So far, so good!

The foggy, lethargy has slowly started to fade. We've both taken a break from our exercise routines and have stuck to walking twice a day for about 10-15 minutes each. The lack of carbs in this first phase, I"m not even sure if I could make it through one of my typical workouts.

Before we started this plan, I had been working out faithfully for about 6 months. I worked out hard! But, it just proves that you can work out like a fiend and still not lose any weight if you're not fueling your body properly. A great workout in the morning doesn't need rewarded by a frozen mocha-latte and a chocolate cream filled long john! Hello? and it doesn't work to "save up" so you can eat half a pizza for dinner! It's funny because, it's so obvious but, it's the truth! I keep wondering how far I could be right now had I just really said "no" more often. Maybe, it's God's plan. Maybe my journey will inspire someone else and show them that we're all human and we all make mistakes but, by his grace and mercy we can start over and get back on track with our health!

Tomorrow, I'll share some healthy lunch ideas for the kiddos! If yours is a picky eater like mine is, I think you'll enjoy these as much as they do!

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