Can I be honest for a moment... these last few days of the challenge have really been rough! I'm trying to catch up and keep up slowly but surely!

Yesterday, I talked about having a manifesto for yourself. Something I am going to try to work on (maybe before this is over).... This is a great lead into today's post!

Start each day with goals... you could set goals to get a healthy breakfast on the table for the whole family. Pack a healthy lunch and snacks so the vending machines don't start trying to get your attention with their overpriced junk food. Goals to spend so many minutes a day with your family and no, I repeat, NO technology!

Find the best in others...sometimes this is so hard to do. Try to look at those people that seem a bit like sandpaper with a bit of grace. Seek out their good qualities.

Be the best version of you... Shine on! Be you and nobody else. It's taken me thirty some years to figure out that I don't have to be like everyone else. I can do my own thing and be different!


Believe anything is possible...  If you believe you can do it, you can! Don't give up even if you stumble, you're still further along than you would be had you never taken the first step... am I right? (Smile!)

 Trick or Treat at my house was last Thursday. I know I said I was going to deny myself any of my sons treats and I planned to. However, there was an almond joy or two (fun size of course!), I had to make an adjustment. Moderation right?

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