It's November 1st and I made it! I may not have 31 posts but I'm darn near close.  This past month has been a HUGE learning and growth process for me.  I see how much time and dedication others have put into this challenge and I stand in awe of you all.  So many beautiful people sharing their hearts, their passions, and their journeys for 31 days straight! It's a great privilege to write along side each one of them.

I know my subject matter is way off the beaten path that I'm comfortable with. I'm looking forward to slipping on the comfy sweats and getting back to writing what's truly on my heart.  This challenge has definitely stirred within me a desire to continue. Forever 31 mama will continue as a sweet friend used to say "Lord's will".  My heart wants to keep encouraging others and sharing what others might be feeling but too afraid to say.

I know most people that do weight loss challenges post before and after pictures. I'm not one to prance around in my swimsuit or tiny little shorts and a sports bra. Know this, the numbers on the scale are neither increasing or decreasing. However, I tried on a pair of winter slacks yesterday and while they were a bit too tight to wear in public, I feel pretty confident that I will be wearing them comfortably very soon!  I also need to come clean and tell you my struggle with sweets is real. I've dipped into the plastic pumpkin a time too many. This makes me realize that I cannot have sweets in my house period! If they are there, and it's something I like, I will find myself with it in my hands and inevitably in my mouth. Ugh!  Praise God I've found my triggers and I know that I need to stay away from the goodies.

I pray you (If you're still following) were able to glean something from this series/challenge. If anything I pray your heart was in some way encouraged by the words of my heart.


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  1. Bravo for you, Krista! That was quite a challenge both in your writing and eating habits. :) I have a terrible weakness for candy, too, especially chocolate. I'm afraid I overdid it, too. But as you say, don't give up and begin again! Blessings and hugs!