Yes, today I'm going off my topic for the write thirty one days challenge.

Today I walked with many friends and family members who've lost loved ones to suicide. This is the second year that I've taken part in this walk and It is truly an experience.  I never even knew such a thing existed until last year.

This past year has not been easy.  This past year I've been going through the many stages of grief.
Two words, grief stinks!  I know you have to go THROUGH it to get to the other side of it but, going through is a long, hard task.

Today we walked by a beautiful lake. Each one of us affected by the same thing and missing someone who didn't think this world needed them. Men, women, children, suicide doesn't discriminate. The spirit of the disease that's called mental illness puts these beautiful people in such a mindset, they don't think they are worthy of this life.

If you or someone you love has suffered with depression, anxiety or mental illness, you may already know how it can affect them. The wet heavy blanket of depression seems to snuff out the fire and the spark of life. The only thing they see is how terrible their life is and the way out of it is to end it all.  Some try, some succeed, some don't succeed and live to tell about it and some still fight the battle raging in their minds daily.

Sailboats and sunny skies welcomed us as we walked to honor our loved ones today.

I've been blogging the past 11 days about health and fitness of the body but, mental health and wellness is just as important as taking care of our bodies. Our emotional wellness can totally affect our physical wellness.

Looking back, I wish I had known my friend felt so overwhelmed and sad but, she hid behind the most gorgeous smile! She lead us all to believe that she really and truly had it all together.  Towards the end, I noticed she was really stressed and since we all were, I didn't really put two and two together. (To read the full story click here)

If you or someone you know suffers from depression, anxiety, or mental illness and they start to exhibit signs that they aren't OK, there is this great organization called the AFSP (American foundation for Suicide prevention. The have a 24 hour hot line and will be there to talk and get help (Call 1-800-273-TALK).

Because, Your story isn't over yet! ;

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  1. I'm so glad you are finding others who understand, Krista. And that you are using your pain for a purpose of helping others. Yes, our emotional wellness is so essential to our physical wellness. Blessings and hugs!